The Llama Restomod service mixes old and new technology to create the best of both worlds, matching classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability.

We use a mix of off-the-shelf parts designed to fit with your old classic, with in-house designed & CNC machined parts to modernize your car.

Our process for a new restmod encompasses the following stages:

• We meet with you to determine what you want out of the vehicle, do you want it to be reliable? fast? modern and a pleasure to drive? 
• We talk initial budgets, donor cars and timelines for delivery. 

• The vehicle comes in for a strip down and full quote on all the components that need to be purchased or fabricated.
• As part of the assessment process we will refine your quote as we gather pricing from the various suppliers. Everything is managed in-house though, we operate as a one-stop shop. 
• Once agreed we will confirm timelines for your project delivery


• We source and order all parts for the project which can be a time consuming process. This transfers risk from you picking the wrong part, or something that potentially can not be certified in NZ, over to the professionals – us. 

• Our skilled engineers design, build and install the components to bring your dream to a reality.
• We have a full mechanical service workshop with complete welding and fabrication facilities capable of everything from roll cage construction to complete ground up chassis re-builds. 
• Throughout the build process we will keep you updated as to project progress, spend against budget and regular photos will be provided by our customer portal, GlobalWorkshop. You can also share the progress of your project with friends and family through the GlobalWorkshop platform. 
• Once the car has been built, our in-house electrical engineer will wire up the car and tune it on our Mainline Dyno. 

• Certification is the step that often causes DIY enthusiasts the most grief, with the Llama team in charge of this process you can rest assured your car will be road legal and safe. 
• For each component that deviates from the factory default, we determine if certification is required, complete the necessary paperwork and work with the LVVTA Technical Advisory Committee to achieve certification.

• Your dream car is delivered, warranted and ready to go!