Datsun 120Y

Llama Engineering recently completed a Datsun 120Y restomod for a client. The new owner decided it needed a bit of a performance upgrade and purchased a set of twin Dell’Orto side-draughts which were installed, along with a freshen up of the engine. More power, braking and handling was needed so the factory A12 (1171cc which was re-bored to 1300cc) was replaced with a worked A15 (1487cc). Suspension and brakes from MadDat / MDR Motorsport in Australia were then installed. The car has spent a lot of weekends running at Hutt Valley Motorsport Club events including auto-cross and street sprints. It’s also been a common sight doing laps at Manfield

During the COVID lockdown, the owner’s neighbor, Mark Albiston, told him he had an idea for a short film called “Datsun” and needed a car to star in it. The film centers around fourteen-year-old named Matt, who takes his dad’s Datsun for one last wild joyride with his best buddy and kid brother in tow. In order for the kids to drive the Datsun, we needed to put a power steering unit in it, switch the transmission to manual and fit a remote driving rig to the roof. While the film has won 20+ international awards, some damage was incurred during this process, plus 58 years of wear and tear had caught up on her so rust repairs were necessary before another warrant would be issued.

Mark from MC Restorations took on the body work, restoring the old girl to mint condition. During panel beating Mark found a gift that a previous owner had left in the car, four live shotgun shells only inches from the angle grinder (and his head). While repainting her, he took a bunch of black out of the original orangish colour, producing the vibrant finish that you see today. Finally Mauro from Absolute Upholstery did a full interior restoration.

She will be on display at a local car museum before retiring from racing and returning to life as a cruiser.